Monday, August 27, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Philip is experiencing some acute pain today. Cancer is ugly, like you have heard people describe it before. It kills us to see our dearest Phil suffer. Medication would only tax his liver further so all we can really do is comfort with touch, teas and herbs. I have been rubbing him with frankincense and orange essential oils, and Dad's going to pick up a diffuser for aromatherapy as well.

He had a very upbeat and healthy day yesterday, obviously because of the acupuncture he had done the day before. But today we are reminded that the dumb tumor's still there.

Good news though: the nodule in Phil's stomach can be eradicated with antibiotics. If it needs an extra nudge of killing power, some radiation/chemo could take care of it. So this means his stomach doesn't have to be messed with during surgery! A big plus! Great news to hear.

Bakos' had us over yesterday for an all organic home cooked meal! We enjoyed laughter and comfort into the evening. It will be a memory we will hold dear forever. Hospitality means so much, because we love a change of scenery, and of course to associate with loving friends- providing much needed diversion and positive vibes.

We have not missed a meeting since hearing the news, and it is there we receive our amazing dose of hugs and encouragement. We are exhausted every minute of the day because it is hard to be strong. But with all of you and support from Jehovah through prayer, we are getting by day by day.

We hope the surgery comes and passes swiftly, we have a lovely life waiting to be lived! We look forward to having the Phil back that we all know and love.

Much love to you all,


Jeph said...

Great news about the stomach!

Wilber's said...

Sorry today is rough Phil and for you to Holly ... I hope tomorrow is better -
Much love the Wilber's

Randy Nelson said...

Phil, Randy and I are praying for you and Holly. May he give you strength and comfort.

Randy and Gina

kathy s said...

Hi Phil, so sorry for all your going through i know how difficult it is just the diagnosis of cancer. I am a survivor of breast cancer 6yrs now and it was aggressive. They say those that have a good support system do good. that's the one thing we have that's better than anything we have Jehovah and all our family of brothers and sisters. I think that's what helped me through it all. my favorite scripture that helped me through is Isaiah 41:10 and 13 because I always felt Jehovah right there. You and Hollie are in our prayers. He will give you all you need to make it through