Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ER Visit Last Night/Better Today

As you may have heard, yesterday was a not-so-great day for Phil. It started at 4:30 am when he woke up in bad pain. He was able to fall asleep till morning, but woke up uncomfortable again. As the day went on the pain gradually escalated. By 9:30pm we were on the phone with an advice nurse from Kaiser and she said go to the ER. At this point Phil was in tears, unable to sit still. In his words it was a 9 out of 10 on the pain meter.

As you may know waiting in line at the ER is a complete nightmare. You have to wait as people all around you who are coughing, bleeding, crying, etc get through the line in front of you. It is just so sad, how many people are sick and in pain in this world. Once we got through, it was about half an hour till he could have relief. He received a room, a bed. There he got into hospital clothes and tried to lay still while he got blood work done.

Finally he was given morphine to dull the pain. First shot took the edge off, but he was still hurting too much. They gave him more after half an hour, and instantly he closed his eyes and exhaled as the pain melted away like a dream. I turned off the lights and drew the curtain, leaving the door ajar for some backround noise outside the room. He slept for about an hour. At this time Dad, Hannah and Jeff went to get coffees, and delivered me a nice treat. They waited for us the whole time <3 I munched away as Phil slept.

Finally it was time for his Ultrasound. I wasn't aloud in the room but stood outside the door. I hear Phil say, "Well, you're the last person to see my gallbladder- enjoy it!" This is just one of his hilarious quotes. We all laugh at his jokes with a little tear in our eye. He is the master of coping with a great sense of humor. There is no other way.

After the Ultrasound he slept longer. I got him 2 extra blankets, which were freshly washed, dried and wonderfully warm. I covered his body and then put the second one over his feet. He looked so peaceful, and it comforted me knowing he was finally resting after a full day of horror. You can't imagine how happy I was to sit beside him and see him okay.

Later the Dr. came in and said that basically the problem is the blockage (tumor) in the bile duct, causing extra pressure and inflammation. In his words, all we can do is medicate the pain until the surgery. We're still not sure if it was something Phil ate or maybe just stress that caused his episode. All we can do is hope he has more good days and use the medication if it happens again.

We got home around midnight, fortunate to not have to spend the night. Phil slept through the night, and guess what? He woke up without pain! We were so happy!!! It's 4 pm now and he's still well. We are going to try to stop his eating by around 7-8 and keep him sitting up after each meal. He is drinking lots of water and eating healthy as usual. Dad picked us up some groceries and also Jeopardy for Wii. Mom, Dad AND Phil's dream! This is gonna be entertaining ;)

Tonight John, Phil's Dad is flying in for a visit. It will be so nice for them to be together. Kay will be arriving next week just before surgery. Then most of the rest of his family will come after surgery for a visit. We thank all of you for your loving texts, emails and gifts. You are keeping us so comforted. We love you!


Haley said...

JEOPARDY IS MY FAVOURITE. I want to come play it with Phil!! Also seriously I need one of those blanket warming fridge things in my house because it was the same feeling when I had to go in and they gave me morphine and those blankets. It was like... THANK YOU FINALLY. Glad he got some relief. <3 xox haley

Ruthie Dunne said...

Dad will love that. Everytime I'm at his house jeopardy is on.

Ruthie Dunne said...

Dad will love that. Everytime I'm at his house jeopardy is on.

Anonymous said...

Dilaudid (hydromorphone). Closest you will legally get to heroin! That should definitely take the edge off.



Esther Jeles said...

Jehovah is surely strengthening you at every turn, pain management is crucial until surgery,as no one needs to suffer or see a loved one suffer so much, my prayers are that He continue to fortify you both and your families, you are both handling this so well. Love Esther

Laurence Dunne said...

Hey with you talking about heroin and me talking about pot, philips friends are going to think his family are all stoners.

Love u Philip

BTW, share your stash, bro!


John Dunne Jr. said...

love you Phil. typical of you to tell jokes so that everyone crying also has a half a smile on their face. you have always been great at those one liners

Anonymous said...

Hi philip, this is your cousin tara from the emerald isle, just wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you here and sending our best vibes and wishes to you and your family. Say hi to your dad, hope to skype him sometime over the next week. Take care of yourself xxxxx

amy said...

I'm so sorry you guys are going through this. I know you have a love and support system to get through anything. I'm always here if you want to talk. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Philip,

Your cousin Ciara here in Dublin. We're all rooting for you & we so sorry to hear about your illness.
We're all thinking of you & sending healing vibes your way.
Stay strong & best of luck for the operation.
Ciara x