Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phil's Current Condition

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time. Phil's cancer has sprung up as a great surprise, especially because he is in good health and young! However, we know that these things just happen and we are thankful that we are blessed with such loving friends and family.We keep high hopes and a positive attitude by spending time with friends, laughing and trying to live as normally as possible. Phil enjoys visits and texts so do email me if you would like to stop in or get his number.

We met with his surgeon in San Francisco yesterday (8/22), and his diagnosis is that the mass at the head of his pancreas is one of the following

Primary Pancreatic Lymphoma– requires chemotherapy/radiation to kill cancer cells, resulting in shrinkage and ultimate destruction of lymphoma mass

Pancreatic Cancer – requires dangerous, invasive 10 to 15 hour surgical operation to remove gall bladder, head of pancreas, top of small intestine. 6-week recovery period. The surgeon described this procedure as the second most dangerous operation he performs, next to liver transplant.

Benign Pancreatic Tumor – unfortunately requires same procedure as Pancreatic Cancer

Phil’s doctors are of the opinion at this point that the mass in his pancreas/small intestine is lymphoma and we all hope that this is the case, because the treatment is less dangerous than the other possibilities. Because treatment for lymphoma is non-surgical chemotherapy and radiation, they have decided to re-test the biopsy material to verify, and will provide Phil the results this Friday or Monday.

If Phil does require surgery for options 2 or 3, we are confident that all will go well. His surgeon, Dr Charles E. Binkley (wears cowboy boots!) has performed hundreds of these surgeries, and many on Jehovah’s Witnesses. He provided 100% reassurance that he and his team will respect Phil’s wishes regarding non-blood treatment and has had experience with the effective alternatives. Again, our hope is that Phil doesn’t require surgery.

We are with Kaiser Permanente which is great, and thus his appts. take place in San Francisco. Dad is here (Dave) for support and helping with keeping our spirits high. Mom is flying in this Friday, which will also be great. Kay (Phil's mother) will also be flying in when the time comes for treatment. We are praying, and just appreciating all the love you are all giving us at this time. Much love, Hollie

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is thinking about you guys going through this hard time! Your in our prayers an hope all works out for the best

Anonymous said...

Just praying for u guys :) we hope with jeahovah help everything goes good lots of hugs

Robin said...

Thanxs for keeping us updated. You sound like you have a wonderful group of friends who are supportive. We think of you often Phil! You'll beat this !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank u for keeping us up to date. Thinking and praying for u guys. Hope everything works out the very best way it can.
Much love

Anonymous said...

We love you both very much. You're in our thoughts and prayers everyday. - Klischuks

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. You are amazing people and Jehovah will guide and comfort you all the our prayers everyday :)

Maria Feliciano said...

Love you guys. Best part is you are young and strong! Beat this and get some selenium it can help fight cancer. Watch food matters on Netflix, my boss treats cancer patients with nutrients only with positive results. Miss working with you Phil! Maria and Vince Feliciano.