Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Post

Happy weekend friends! It has been a beautiful sunny day in Sunnyvale, and the sun brightens our spirits.

Last night Phil had a hard time sleeping because he was experiencing pain. He got better as the day went on and we gave him smoothies and hugs. Better yet, Laurence, John Sr. and John(in Ireland) called Philip via Skype and caught up, laughed and comforted each other. It was great to hear the Irish accents, and Phil's accent that comes out when he talks with family! They are going to Skype again tomorrow morning with more of the siblings joining in. Afterward he talked with his mother Kay on the phone and they caught up as well. She is coming as soon as we know the date is finalized for surgery.

I made an appointment with our Acupuncturist today, and after his visit he feels a little more relaxed. The Acupuncture Dr. gave us some natural immune system boosters and also some herbs as an extra gift. We will get him good and strong before he gets treatment.

Tonight we are also buying some Francincense oil for more massages around Philip's sore spots. 2 of our friends who are legit masseuses have offered to give Phil treatments. This will be so amazing and helpful.

At this point we are trying to keep Phil as comfortable and content as possible. He likes his whey protein and fruit smoothies and is drinking lots of water. When he feels like food, we make him healthy dishes he's craving, all organic based. He is surrounded with love, and we receive such lovely gifts from friends almost everyday. We are blown away by the support of the congregation and emails from friends and family all over the world! Just tonight, friends picked us up some Chili's for dinner along with some yummy juice and sherbets. We feel the love!!

We thank you so much again for your love and support. We couldn't do it without you!!

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