Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yesterday's Adventure

Here is a picture Dad took of us just before our consultation with the Dr. He made a weird face (perfect!) and it made us laugh. Tori was a doll and lent us her car because she has air conditioning and well, we just wanted her there too ;)

After a stressful appt. we drove around looking for a spot for a coffee and stumbled into a Peet's Coffee, attached to an EPIC market/grocery store called Falletti Foods! Healthy Whole Foods vibe, but with much more gourmet and ready made goodies everywhere. They have fancy cakes and cookies out the wazoo!

Tori and I were so excited and stressed out that we had to rush to get a snack because we wanted to browse all day! We all got some hot and yummy food in the deli, and it was just a really sweet way treat ourselves. I have a feeling it will be our tradition to go there anytime we have to make it up to Kaiser in SF!

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