Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Endoscopy Bumped To This Friday

Hello dear friends, here's more of an update.

Good news- Phil will be able to get in a week early- this Friday, for his endoscopy because a fellow patient cancelled their appointment and opened it up for us. It will make the waiting period so much less, and will get us that much closer to a final diagnoses. Tori has offered to take us into San Francisco Friday and keep me company while he is under, then drive us back. Phil wakes up with a very sore throat and slow motor skills. It is so helpful on many levels to have close friends around during these times.

Today Phil went in for his weekly blood work. He met with an oncologist this time and she did more of an examination and provided us with a few things to think about. She is thinking that because the tumor has not shrunk and that his bilirubin levels don't change much at all, that it could be lymphoma after all. This would explain the small lymphoma in his stomach and explain why the Predisone is helping him feel better. Prednisone keeps lymphoma controlled and at bay, and thus his boosted energy. Believe it or not, lymphoma would be a much better diagnosis than anything else because it takes simply radiation to cure it. This would be WAY better than Whipple surgery.

We know now not to take anyone's word as law, but are also learning to be open minded and take in different people's suggestions and opinions. She is going to get in touch with our Dr. and recommend a labrascopic biopsy for Phil instead of an endoscopy. This would mean putting him under, making a small incision  above the tumor, and taking a larger biopsy for testing. If it turns out to be lymphoma they would then need to take a bone marrow biopsy as a precaution to see if it has spread to his bones. Once again, a painful procedure but a lesser evil to Whipple.

This Friday will determine a lot, and in the weeks to follow I will continue to keep you all updated and in the loop. In the past few days Phil has looked more jaundice and has lost more weight. He is basically skin and bones. I am going to feed him healthy carbs for the next two days because he will lose more weight after the biopsy as he will need to be on fluids for a day or two. We so appreciate your cards and warm words. I'm hanging on for dear life- without you we would be in bad shape. Thanks again.


Sturge said...

Mom and I are so happy to hear that they can get Phil in right away - waiting around is the worst. No words can describe how proud we are of both of you, for the unbelievable patience you've shown, and for the way you support each other with so much love and tenderness. As advanced as medical research is, Phil's case is obviously very rare, and his medical condition has been extremely difficult to diagnose. Small consolation for you and Phil. But you are both in every one of our prayers, and we have 100% confidence that Jehovah will continue to empower you with his spirit, guaranteeing you all the strength you require to endure this most difficult trial.

Constance said...

So sorry that Phil's journey back to good health is taking longer than any of us hoped.

But you're one step further away from Whipple surgery, and one step closer to a conclusive diagnosis.

Know that you are both dearly loved, and that we will all help you get through this.

Psalm 94:17-19

Love Mrom xoxo