Monday, October 1, 2012

Important update

Hello dear friends, I'd like to update you all with today's news. For the past few weeks Phil has been doing much better. Eating alot more, having lots of energy and very little pain. It has been so good to see. Today was his secondary CT scan to check on the size of the tumor. Here are the results:

The CT scan does not show any reduction in the size of the mass. But it may be too premature to say the Prednisone is not working. The time frame between the first CT scan and the beginning of treatment was a month so the mass may have grown in that month then shrunk back to its current size with the medication. This could account for it not looking any smaller. The blood tests indicate that the levels have stopped rising and have slightly decreased, which is a good sign.

The original biopsy didn't show any cancer cells, which is good. If it turns out to be a benign tumor and not Autoimmune Pancreatitis then he will still need to have Whipple surgery to remove it after all. But it would have a much better prognosis then if it was cancerous. They will most likely have another endoscopy performed and take another biopsy before proceeding with surgery. If they don't find any cancer cells the second time around they will feel much more comfortable holding off on surgery for a while to see if the Steroid treatment works. On Wednesday I will have another blood test and hopefully it will show the levels continue to drop.

Phil has been advised not to return to work until we know for sure the treatment is working. We will have to file for disability.

All in all we are happy that the tumor hasn't gotten bigger and that he feels good overall. It is scary that we have to do further research and that the word Whipple and Cancer are back in our conversation, but we're choosing to not worry. We expect that the tumor is taking a long time to shrink and that it will all be okay. Worrying doesn't change the outcome. Positive attitudes can do wonders for overall health.

We love you all and thank you again for your support.
Hollie and Phil

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Eunoia said...

Glad to hear an update. We are thinking of you both and inspired by your fortitude. xoxo