Friday, October 5, 2012

Secondary Endoscopy

Quick update: Phil's bloodwork revealed that nothing has changed. Unfortunately he will have to go in for a secondary endoscopy on October 19th and we will know more afterward. It's frustrating that we have to wait till then, since Phil is experiencing some pretty intense pain in his back. He has had this pain on a smaller scale in the past few wks, but he is really suffering right now. We are waiting for a call from our Dr. to see if there is some kind of medication Phil can take to ease the discomfort. It is becoming unbearable. I have heard that aches and pains can be a side effect of Steroids, but since it has progressively gotten worse, we want to check up on it.

It will just be about getting through till the 19th. Soon thereafter we will know what to do next. I am feeling sick over the whole thing, especially because I let myself believe everything was solved and over. I knew I shouldn't have done that, but that's all we want for our loved ones. I am home supporting Phil, making him warm teas and keeping his heating pad warm on his back. All we can do is wait. Much love, Hollie


Anonymous said...

We're still praying for you guys and hoping Phil starts to feel better soon. :) Mary Ellen is bringing a hug from me to you when she comes to visit you guys soon.
-Love, Tina

used endoscopy equipment said...

That may sound awful but endoscopy is a very effective way of diagnosis of back pain and other diseases. Hope phil will feel well soon!!