Saturday, November 10, 2012

PHIL UPDATE - Saturday November 10th

Today is Phil & Hollie's 5th wedding anniversary. And this morning they received the best gift of all - Good News.

All 3 of Phil's doctors were smiling broadly as they delivered the news that on top of the fact that his vital signs are back to normal, remarkably, his bilirubin has dropped all the way down to a level of 6! To provide some perspective, his bilirubin level at its highest was 24. What does this mean? To proceed with treatment, Phil's liver needs to be able to filter toxins produced by chemotherapy. To that end, doctors were preparing to insert a stent in his bile duct, a procedure which presented significant risk of internal trauma. However, it now appears that 2 rounds of radiation therapy have reduced the size of the pancreatic tumor enough to relieve pressure against the bile duct, thus enabling the liver to eliminate toxins normally. The need to insert a stent may have been prevented altogether. When doctors asked if Phil felt like getting up and sitting in a chair, we knew the improvement was significant.

After a solid night's sleep, and hearing this good news, Phil is looking and feeling much better than he has in a long time. 

Today and tomorrow will be rest days, then daily rounds of radiation are planned for the next 8 days. The next benchmark will be moving from ICU to the Oncology ward, then in time, back home where he will continue with outpatient treatment, and on to a clean bill of health.

Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for the doctors and nurses who continue to provide the very best in intelligent, compassionate, world-class care for our beloved Phil.



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! We'll keep praying for more good new.
~Ashley and Dan

Anonymous said...

Very good news, thinking of you all!!

Esther Jeles said...

WOW! So great the doctors care so much! So happy for you guys on your Anniversary!

Haley Zalesky-Gracie said...

Have been thinking of you both on this anniversary. You deserve good news! And Dave, it's really comforting that they have a rock like you there with them. I thought of how strong you all were, how faithful, how patient while studying my Watchtower for this week. Love you all very, very much and are praying, thanking Jehovah for all that he is doing to support you.

Jordy said...

Thank you so much for posting these updates! Even though our families have never met, we're all related in the faith and are very concerned about your welfare!

Hoafat said...

Happy anniversary!! Thank you for continuing to keep us updated on Phil's progress. It is beautiful and faith strengthening to see your family's support and resolve in the face of this challenge. Being so far away we feel so helpless but your updates are so well written that we feel calmer after remembering Phil has the best group of people around him. Please accept our warm love and know your family is continually in our prayers. - rob and liz

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear that there is finally some good news. It's been so awesome to see phil and your family continue to put jehovah first despite the consistant ups and downs that have been put before you. Please know that you are in our prayers. We miss you and look foward to seeing your smiling faces back at the kingdom hall as a family.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! We are happy to hear that Phil is feeling somewhat better. Hopefully it will be good news from hereon in. We wish we were closer to lend a hand in some way. We want you to know that our Love and thoughts are with you constantly. We truly appreciate you keeping us all up to date despite the fact that you have so much to think about. It really makes us all feel connected. Like the pictures too! Please convey all our love and greetings to everyone there: Dave and Connie, Hollie, Phil, Hannah and Jeff. Lots of Love Martin and Ilona