Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back Home

We have been discharged and are home! Phil has been given some effective pain medication and is pretty relaxed and cozy on the couch. We trusted the drs and it seems we can take care of his pain at home. It will be amazing to sleep in our own bed again! We enjoyed dinner at JW House and he still has a great appetite and no nausea. He is very tired, which is to be expected. We will be encouraging him to exercise daily to regain some muscle mass, as well as helping him eat more so he can maintain a healthy weight.

So far, we are relieved by his lack of side effects. He is such a fighter :) I will keep u updated. Much love, Hollie


kristy said...

Thanks so much for the update! Nothing beats being able to sleep in your own bed. Hope he gets lotsa cuddles from your furry children. LotsaLuvin

Sturge said...

Philly's either got incredible Irish genetics, or the grit of an Irish fighter ... honestly, you'd never know his body is getting a merciless chemo beat-down. Keep those Irish eyes smilin' my boy!

Anonymous said...

Hollie and Phil, enjoy the quiet at home as you eat and rest, we are thinking of you and praying for you daily. As per my brother's Dave comments about his Irish genetics, here is a quote from a book written by Irish/Canadian author Will Ferguson, "Well Slap me with Syrup and Feed me to the Bears", I liked the quote and agree with Dave, Phil has got grit. The book is entitled Beyond Belfast, and is his 570 mile journey on foot around Northern Ireland reclaiming his Irish roots. Hilarious writer, but also has much interesting history about the people and their character. I'm sure Phil would love the read, and enjoy a good laugh as well.
Will await your next post as you face each day with courage. xoxo
Esther Jeles

Hollie May said...

kristy- nothin like home bed and kitten paws!!!

dad- maybe that's why i always wanted a irish boy... that grit ;)

essie- i really wanna grab that book!! sounds like something right up our alley!!

love you all and thank you for commenting, it really makes me day <3