Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quick Update

Stent not needed today as Bilirubin is down to 2.3. That is for now. There will be further discussions tomorrow on when to start chemo and move ahead. We r being kept overnight because Phil has some chest pain, most likely from mass above his heart. It is not unbearable, but being dealt with thanks to Dilaudid. No need to worry about it, drs are taking care of it.


Here is a friendly note to friends and family. Although we appreciate your continued concern and desire to know how things are going as soon as they happen, it is very hard to keep up with everyone esp with the stress and lack of sleep we experience. We are surrounded by people constantly, rarely with any privacy or time on our own. If we haven't been in touch its probably because we are relishing some peace and quiet together. These moments are rare but key to our stability.

This really is the place to look if you want up to date information, and I will try my best to fill u in as soon as I can. I can't guarantee I will update the moment after a procedure but just as soon as I have the emotional energy and time free.

If you would like to talk to one of us, definitely text me and not Phil. He panics when the phone rings because he can't find energy to explain things over and over. I'm sure you can all imagine. So please text me and I will reply when I can. I will rarely pick up calls because I am running around or talking to drs most of the time. So you can leave a message also, as a second option. We want to receive your love and concern, as we are all in this together.

For Phil's family, I keep in touch with Kay, and she is the one to call for updates. This relieves me even more. For my family you all have been communicating through Facebook which is perfect. For friends, you know to check blog, text and look on IG.

If you text me or leave a msg I will get back to you. But first check the blog. If its not updated yet, hang in there a day or two it will be. I also update on Instagram (thewovenwolf) and sometimes Facebook. If you need my number just comment below with your email address and I will send it to you. thank you so much for understanding, we love you all!

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