Thursday, December 20, 2012

Staying Overnight Again

We are still here in the hospital, they decided to keep us overnight again because they will be doing the heart echo tomorrow (Thur). We will then see if the fluid around Phil's heart has decreased, or increased. From there they will decide on whether it was just a virus or indeed something more serious that we should look into further. That would include sticking a needle into the fluid to test it. That wouldn't be fun. So we are hoping it's just the virus. Another good thing about us staying here today is that they were able to give Phil Neupogen.

Neupogen is a white blood cell builder, which targets the bone marrow where blood is made. It is simply given via needle, which went smoothly and caused little pain for Phil. The main side effect is sore bones, or skin around the area punctured- but he has not experienced that yet. The most painful thing Phil has each day is the shot in his stomach to prevent blood clots. He is very brave, let me tell you. The most he will show is a flinch in his eyes. The nurses are always impressed. With what he has gone through physically, a needle is a piece of cake.

Phil ate pretty well today, and enjoys his Boost drinks. This is great because I have heard that they can be a lifesaver for cancer patients with little appetite. The drinks aren't super healthy, but full of calories and protein which are the most important thing of all. Like I said before raw vegetables and extra healthy foods are actually hard on his system, and right now vegetables are actually dangerous - because of his non-existent immunity. The best things he can eat are cooked well, starchy and high in carbs. Right now he is loving tater tots, chocolate ice cream, mac n cheese, Boost, pudding, banana bread, milk, sandwiches and cereal. He seems to be over McDonalds at the moment, lol!

I'm not sure if we will be staying another night tomorrow, but Phil is anxious to sleep in his own bed. We trust that the Drs will do what's best for us. I know I miss the kitties, cooking real food and of course, our bed. The nurses are wearing masks when they come in to be safe. We really have to be careful that Phil doesn't catch ANYthing.

Tonight I was able to escape to girly land as I colored with Tori. Coloring is one of my fav past times, it's just  so easy and pleasing to the senses. Especially with all the crayons Dolans bought me!!

Dad is coming in Friday and I can't wait! I talked to Kay today and she will be coming up the second week of January to help us and finally see her son. We have such amazing support. I know we could do it on our own, but it would be so so hard. So we are thankful every day, for family and friends' generosity. You guys never give up on us!!

P.S. The Dr said Phil's hair would fall out this week, but we're pulling on it and nothing comes out! When it starts to we will just buzz it off. Phil has a good shaped head ;)

I will keep you posted tomorrow.
Much love, Hollie

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