Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taking it Easy

We have been home for a few days now and Phil is still doing good considering. Up until last night Phil hadn't had any symptoms other then fatigue and pain. He got a little bit of nausea before bed but mostly slept it off. He woke this morning with a little bit of it, but not too bad. We have the right medication to take care of it. He is all snuggled up cozy on the couch with Jeopardy and tea. This was him two nights ago :) ...

As you can imagine it is hard for a man to live without work for long. It has been about 4 or 5 months now, but I can't be sure- I'm so lost as to where we are in the year. December, how did that happen. I would say that he is being very strong in battling feelings of desperation and deep frustration as regards to physical limitations. I'm so proud of him, he is such a warrior.

He still has a good appetite but only for certain flavors. Carbs always work well with his stomach. It will be a week tomorrow since he started chemo. He will have ups and downs, so we are trying to enjoy the time now where he is at least okay. We are encouraging him to get out of the house and walk every day. According to the drs we should gradually up his exercise. It is so easy to fall into a place where you never really get out of bed, but this would be bad in every respect.

If you want to take him out for coffee, dinner, or even just to spend some time at your place this would do wonders for him. The best thing you could talk about is spiritual things, as this is when he is most excited and up in spirits. Also if you are interested in being a part of our weekly family study, just let me know- we love to include new friends. We are also thinking of doing a potluck, game night, things like this so his atmosphere is cozy and full of life. What could be better?

Here is a picture of the moment they started him on chemo... He really felt fine through the whole thing. In fact we had friends visit through the whole thing. Everyone's reaction is truly different!

I want to thank you all for supporting me as well. I never feel alone, with all of your texts and visits. While I was in the hospital and Phil had friends with him I was able to slip out for some alone time. This is something I have been encouraged to do by a few different friends with experience in the Cancer dept. A huge part of me being a good caregiver is that I can get away a little each day. It is also good for Phil and I to have time apart, even if for an hour. We always meet up again with sparkles in our eyes and a refreshed soul.

JW House has been a dream for taking a step out of the hospital to spend some time with friends. Here is a picture of my dearest Linda who brought McDonalds breaky for her and I to enjoy. We talked, ate, laughed and cried. I am constantly blown away by our friends generosity and empathy!

Nadine brought Cottage Pie with a bunch of other gifts to the hospital the night Phil started Chemo. It was AMAZING. Cottage Pie is the South African version of Shepherd's Pie :) I tell you, there is NOTHING better then home cooked dinner after weeks in hospital

There are so many more people to thank but I don't have pictures of them at the moment. Becky and Mike for coming by with my amazing gift bag of wonders, Joe Schorr, Steve Lane, and all the elders for coming by so many times to encourage us as well as make us laugh in the hospital. Tori and Jon for always doing so much for us, even taking me out for coffee or a sundae- you guys are like a brother and sister to me! I could go on for hours thanking you all. We still get cards and texts, none of you have forgotten about us!

We also got an amazing card from Phil's childhood congregation in Coral Springs with a bunch of notes and signed names of his good friends! There is a constant influx of this kind of stuff!! And then mom, always here and going for food runs according to Phil's cravings. She is amazing in ways I could never explain.

More updates and pics to come, now that I am home with the laptop. Much love to Phil's family as well, as I know it's so hard to be far away from him. Thank you for your texts and calls, you are never out of our thoughts. Please be comforted to know he is doing remarkably well so far and has tons of love surrounding him. Thank you for your support from wherever you are!


Sturge said...

Thanks for the update sweetie. Love seeing mom eating McD's! And laughed my head off at Phil's t. Love you, dad xo

kathy s said...

we love to hear all your updates Hollie so glad to know all is going good. There is nothing better than a good support system and you definitely have one. Jehovah is an amazing God and is always there for his people. I remember when I was going through chemo the only food I liked was carbs had to have my pizza hut cheesy sticks after a treatment or wendys chocolate shake. thanks for all your beautiful posts you guys are encouraging to us. we love you
Kathy and Gerard Schiano