Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 3 of Chemo, Doing Well

Day 3 of Chemo and all is well. Phil has not vomited once!! I gave the drs my carefully perfected medication schedule and it seems to be working very well! Before they would wait till he felt sick, then gave him meds. Then it was too late. I have read that the trick is to keep the nausea meds going to keep it at bay. It is such a HUGE weight off that he is not vomiting yet. We still have about 2 days left. He is very tired and weak, but surviving as he always has.

There really isn't much to update you on, as things are running smoothly and he is getting plenty of sleep. Kay is here watching the kitties and coming in to hang out and grab us anything we need. I am so happy that she never had to see him at his worst.

Phil making a sucky face because I was teasing him about his snack of choice... Note, he polished off this heart shaped box later that night!

Right now he is also fighting the Varicella virus, which is better known as chicken pox or shingles. It isn't either one of those really, but in the same family. It is a red spreading rash on his one leg and going towards the lower back. It does not hurt or itch much. But remember he is on a constant Dilauded drip that might be masking the pain. He is taking antibiotics for it, but it must run it's course. The rash will likely stay there for over a month. It is common for NHL fighters to experience Varicella, as it is linked with low white blood cell counts, or a compromised immune system.

At first I was doing research on it to understand the precautions I should take as his caregiver, but decided to stop because I started to feel dizzy with fear, and it's just not worth worrying. I have learned that there is no point in knowing the ins and outs of Phil's disease. It does absolutely nothing for us. I spend my energies doing what I need to right at each moment. I learn what I must and do it as well as I can.

I give or make him whatever he wants to eat at anytime. Keep him busy, or at least distracted, comfortable and warm. When he is cured that is when I will do the research and put the time into getting him healthy again. Then it will be positive learning. But mixing natural remedies and such while doing chemo is not a good idea. They work against each other, so it is best to commit to one or the other. It is hard to stick to my guns on this one because all I want is no chemicals, all natural. But his cancer has progressed much too far for those luxuries. All we can do is fight really really hard and kill the bad stuff. The good stuff suffers too, but he will get through it. I will never think otherwise. Best thing you guys can do, is make plans with us to do some fun things in the future. Treat us like anything other then a lifetime of fun with you isn't an option.

As visitors, all you need to know is that it IS contagious if you have NOT had chicken pox or shingles, or a shot for them. If you HAVE had the shot or already went through chicken pox, it is almost impossible to get it again. Pregnant women and children should not be exposed just to be safe. I have been around him (without close contact) for weeks now and have not had any sign of it on me. But I had chicken pox when I was about 7.

Here are some adorable pictures from my cousins in Canada who did their nails pink in support of our first day of chemo ;) Totally memorable for life!!

Speaking of visitors, because he isn't vomiting he is much more excited about the idea of friends coming to see us. Although he may not have the energy to talk or laugh, respond etc, he loves just having ppl around and taking in that positive energy. It does wonders for me as well. I know that the hospital is a nightmare with the parking, the chance of catching a bug, and just trying to find the time and energy to get here- but I would rather ask and make way for visitors and risk looking needy, as opposed to feeling lonely and victimizing ourselves in this. That is the last thing on earth we want to do. Our aim is to live as normally and happily as we can. If you would like to visit, anytime after 2 is best, and he esp likes visitors later at night after dinner as well.

Day one was a yucky day, but this was taken day 2, when I felt like wearing pretty makeup and doing my hair. When I am happy, Phil is so much happier.

Text me at any time if you would like to know the room number, address of hospital, etc.
We will be here another few days, likely till Wed or Thu.
I will keep you posted when anything changes.
Much love and thanks

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hollie!

Thanks for all the awesome updates and I'm SO glad to hear that Phil is feeling better this time around :D
I also sent you an email about 2 weeks ago I think?? Just wanted to make sure you got it ;)
Love you and thinking of you both,
Debbie Hurley (Majano! Lol)