Monday, January 28, 2013

True Love

Me and my dearest Philly on our wedding day 5 years ago <3

Some of my favorite pics of Phil...

I want you to meet our children...err cats! They're a huuuge part of our life and it's time you got to know them! Wolfgang and Minou are brother and sisters! 
Wolfie seems to love his pa as much as I do!

The best little fur bundles in the world - our perfect anti depressants!! Wolfgang and Minou, when they were teeny tiny!

Daddy's girl!

Daddy's boy too!

These lil furbabies are the most precious things in our life. They provide laughter, comfort and warmth all day long. They were so much work as babies, as they were strays with fleas and ringworm. But we fought through it and now they are the happiest brother and sister kits in the world!

They were bottle fed for a few weeks! So much work, but such AMAZING memories!!

Wolfgang, fast asleep! He curls up in between Phil and I at night. When he wants extra love, he gets up and slumps down closer to either one of us and purs till we pet him back to sleep :) He is the cuddly one of the two, always looking for attention. Minou is more of a loner, but goes nuts for cuddles once we get into bed. That is her favorite time of day, and she purs away like she's drunk as we massage her paws and kiss her little nose and head.

Now they are one years old! VERY affectionate to eachother, always cleaning the other's head and neck. They play together with a ball, and sometimes fight and hiss but they listen when I tell them to get along ;)

Two peas in a pod! Watching birds outside the door. Always up to some adventure or being silly. They are indoor cats, because there are so many risks outdoors. It is very hard for me to stick to my guns in keeping them indoors as they ARE animals, but I know its best for everyone because we want them forever!!
Wolfgang (The grey boy) loves to play fetch with a foil ball or an earplug he digs out of Phil's drawer!

They love water (??) and are obsessed with drinking from sinks, and even playing right in the bath filled just a tad, or a bowl of water! Their heads and paws get all wet and they love it. I think it is because I bathed them a few times a week as kittens for their ringworm and fleas. They were too young for medications and it was the only way to get them better. Though they do not need baths now, when the time comes for it, they are well behaved!

Everyone who meets the kits say that they are not like normal cats. They are very social and unafraid or nervous around people. They are doglike, in their desire to cuddle for long periods of time, and especially Wolfie- who picks up a ball, drops it on your lap, and retrieves then does it again! Here is Minou, providing amazing comfort and love for Phil

They are veryyyy intelligent, and get crazy eyes when they want to play ;)

They are besties

Wolfie is a goof!

Minou is a mystery...

Minou wants to be on me when I am doing a craft. It is half annoying half adorable!

Our cats are also bodybuilders..

KIDDING! Those are little socks with the ends cut off, acting as a "shirt" to cover over their flea meds so they don't lick it off. They are old enough now that they don't need them anymore. They were quite embarrassed when I used to put them on!

There is no such thing as an untouched bag. These cats hunt and find anything new that comes into the house and they will chew their way through packaging if they want a bite!

They are just the best! Such amazing little pieces of creation!!!

Have a nice week dear friends!


Haley said...

Cute kitties! They are amazing. I will come visit them with a gas mask on. Haha <3

Constance said...

Tell them Instagramma's on her way and is expecting lots of kitty kuddles!

(see you guys in one more sleep xo)