Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick update

I have had the flu, as does mom. Everyone here has it. Phil is in hospital starting chemo tonight. Amazingly friends have been in and out to b w him. Its killed my heart to not b there beside him every minute. I wont be contageous by tmrw so ill b there when it gets yucky (second day of chemo). Drs replaced stent that was out of place and festered. His billirubin is back down to normal number. That took a week as his levels were high.

Pet scan results r epic revealing disappearance of all tumors except for small bit left in chest area. 3 more chemos after this one and thats the plan if all goes smooth. We're still in shock. I want to let go of wry but cant and wont just yet. But im letting myself wry a WHOLE lot less. I must recoup but ill keep in touch soon. Much love!

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